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Dial-a-Bus Provides Independence for BOCES Students

dial a bus
Dial a Bus picks up students in Goshen

Navigating their surroundings is a work and life skill which all students need.  Those students enrolled in the Including Communities program at Orange-Ulster BOCES in the Village of Goshen are learning and practicing these skills as they travel via Dial-A-Bus to their internships in Chester. 

“One of the greatest barriers for our students is not just getting job when they graduate, it’s sometimes getting TO a job,” said Jaime Paddock, an OU BOCES teacher.  “They have relied on school bus transportation or their families up to this point. Eventually, the bus stops coming, and families can’t always be there to provide transportation.”

So, students need another plan.  Calling for the Dial-A-Bus or a taxi service is an important skill according to Sue DeGeorge, another of the program’s teachers.  “Having students learn the process of arranging a pick-up helps them build confidence with using this kind of transportation before they graduate.”

One student, Lori, travels from Goshen to Chester to a work experience at Just-a-Buck. Access to the Dial-A-Bus made it possible. “I really loved my first day! I can picture myself working here in the future.  I feel so happy.”

OU BOCES’s Including Communities is a community-based program launched in 2015 and located at a busy West Main Street location in the Village of Goshen.  From this base, students learn and practice job-related skills in authentic work experiences in and around the village.

shop rite

Waiting for the bus at the Chester ShopRite

Chester Shop Rite

Dial a Bus at Chester ShopRite