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Shared Technicians/Specialists

Shared Technicians/Specialists
Director of Technology
(845) 781- 4358 

Regional Education Center at Arden Hill
4 Harriman Drive
Goshen, NY  10924

Shared technicians are available through the Instructional Technology Service. If multiple technicians are requested by a single district to perform distinctly different tasks, they must possess different titles in order for more than three days per week to be aidable. The district contracts for particular skill-sets on a sliding scale, based on title. In this service, the service is contracted on an annual basis in either one or a combination of the following options:

1. The technician reports the same day/days every week directly to the contracting district for up to three days per week, and the rate is discounted from the standard hourly rate. 

2. The district contracts for a specific number of days for the year at the standard daily rate and the days are specified at the beginning of the school year. The maximum number of contracted days per school year per technician is 156.  

3. Project-based support is available on an hourly basis, depending on technician title. 

The shared technicians available to school districts include: 

  • Shared Technical Assistant
  • Shared Computer Network Specialist
  • Shared Senior Network Specialist
  • Shared Data Communications Specialist and Database Administrator
  • Shared Network Specialist
  • Technical Assistant
  • Computer Network Specialist
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • Instructional Tech – Labor
  • Instructional Tech – Equipment
  • Instructional Tech Labor – Higher Level
  • Shared Technical Support Assistant