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Transition Services


Working Together to Help Students Build a Successful Life After High Schooltransition to future 
Sara Puccio
Transition Coordinator
Division of Special Education
Chester Learning Center
3 Maple Avenue
Chester, NY  10918
TEL: 845-291-0200 extension 10906
FAX: 845-469-6337
Why is transition important?
Transition is important to address the question: "What comes next after graduation?"
What are transition services?
Transition services are a coordinated set of activities that promote movement from school to adult life. 
When does transition begin? 
In New York State transition planning begins on the Individualized Education Program (IEP) in the year the student turns 15.  However, conversations with a child's educational support team begin at 12 or earlier.
Who is involved with transition?
Various individuals such as the student, parents, family members, school staff including teachers, counselors, social workers, support services and OPWDD services (if applicable); and agency personnel all work together as a team to develop a student's transition plan, which is a part of the student's IEP.
What does transition planning do?
Transition planning assists a student with a disability to prepare for his/her future in many areas including:
  • Adult Living/Daily Living

    • Self care

    • Household management

    • Finance and budget

    • Safety and health

    • Guardianship and estate planning 

  • Career/Employment

    • Career awareness and exploration

    • Vocational assessments

    • Community-based education

    • Job shadowing/Work-based education/Work study

  • Recreation/Community Participation

    • Personal/Social skills

    • Mobility/Transportation

    • Citizenship - Rights and Responsibilities

    • Recreation/Leisure activities

    • Community activities/Special Olympics

  • Post-Secondary Education/Training

    • Community/Career Education

    • Vocational/Trade School

    • College/University

    • Military