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Grant Writer

Grant Writer

Theresa A. Reynolds, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Grants Coordinator

53 Gibson Road
Goshen NY, 10924


The Grant Writer Service provides component school districts with a professional knowledge of New York State Standards who will assist in the development of grant applications. This service facilitates and assists the districts with writing of grant applications, managing and monitoring grant budgets, grant records and relevant data collection.

Grant Proposal Writing
The Grants Coordinator consults with your district to cultivate goals and objectives then writes and prepares documents for submission.

Grant Proposal Review
If your school district wants a complete proposal evaluated prior to submission to the funding source, the Grants Coordinator will review, proofread and make sure it matches the Request For Proposal and Funding guidelines. Weaknesses are identified and suggestions made.

Grant Proposal Evaluation
If your district has written a proposal and requires a professional evaluation, the Grants Coordinator can create the Appraisal Section for the proposal. A professional assessment providing summative and/or formative expressions of the data is conducted.

Grant Money Research
The Grants Coordinator continuously searches the internet, current databases, libraries, etc. to develop a list of potential funding sources.

Research Grants
If your school district has a proposal but not the funding source, the Grants Coordinator will locate a funding source and rewrite the proposal to fit the new funding guidelines.