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Work Based Learning

Work-Based Learning
Patricia Trask-Huggins - Work-based Learning Coordinator
Ellen Vanderbeck - Work-based Learning Coordinator
Career & Technical Education Center
53 Gibson Road 
Goshen, NY  10924
845-291-0300 ext. 10102
The Work Based Learning Coordinator in conjunction with the CTE Guidance Department and CTE Instructors, coordinate all work-based learning experiences, includingClinical and Co-Op programs.
 • require working papers
 • are unpaid placements- the students receive
 training in lieu of pay
 • may occur any time during the student’s
 program at CTE
 • entire class may participate
 • supervised by CTE Instructor
 • require working papers
 • may be paid or unpaid
 • usually occur during the second year of the
 students CTE program
 • typically consist of up to three half days per week
 • independent activities supported by training plans
 • supervised by a mentor at the work site
 • work site is visited by the Work Based Learning Coordinator
 The CTE Guidance Department offers current students and alumni a wide range of career and job placement services, including:
 • a job bank of current job openings
 • assistance with resumes & job applications
 • review of effective interview techniques
 • reference materials on job seeking